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Parenting Program By Dr.Moazzam Munawar


It will help the staff of PSAI member schools and the families of staff members located in Islamabad to get medical treatment at an affordable cost. PSAI is establishing its own facilities at small scale like Medical Lab, Clinics etc.
IT Wing is established for provision of IT services to the schools particularly the small schools. Campus Software will be provided free of cost to all the small schools. Installation of cameras and other security devices will be provided on installments by IT Wing to small schools.
Sports Wing will promote sports activities among the students. Provision of sports material on subsidized rates is under consideration. Coaches and trainers will also be provided to schools.
Conducting Training in Schools on demand Providing Trainer for Training on Demand Conducting Training of Fresh Graduates to Provide Trained Staff to the Schools
Welfare Wing will support the staff of all the schools by provision of support to their children in Health, Higher Education, Training, Placement, Scholarships & Stipends etc.
Legal wing will provide legal guidance to all the schools free of cost. Panel of lawyers is formed who will file and pursue the cases at special rates.

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